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Axis Senki v1.2.7 MOD Apk Hack [Free Download] Latest Version. Let’s conquer the battlefield of over 150 land, sea and sky to aim for the champion of the battlefield!
Download Axis Senki MOD Apk Game
Authentic military world view!
In addition to the full cooperation of the “MC ☆ Atsushizu” editorial department, Mr. Suzuki Takaaki, who was responsible for setting the world view of popular anime such as “Strike Witches” and “Girls & Panzer” participated as supervision! While building a game of beautiful girls, we will build a full-fledged military worldview.
Attention to popular voice actors!
More than 150 anthropomorphic weapons and beautiful girls appear in full voice specifications.
Please enjoy the beautiful girls who move across the talks everywhere in the epic story and exhilarating battle!
Cast: Kanemoto Hisako Taneda Risa Yumi Yumi Tokui Blue Sky
Satomi Akasaka Noriaki Ishihara Rena Ueda Yumi Uchiyama
Rumi Okubo Kaoru Yukari Kubo Yuuka Kuwabara Yuki
Mari Takano 佳 佳 Kobayashi Yu Asami Shimoda Eri Suzuki
Aka Suwa Masami Seto Masashi Takahashi Ai Mi Tanaka
Teruyuki Shinkai Maeda Rena Eriko Matsui etc ..
Two parallel worlds different from the Earth, Vanadis and Jungvi.
Vanadis, who is under the invasion from Jungvi, searched for a breakthrough in the game situation, you are an earthling.
You have been appointed commander to break the war between parallel worlds, together with three adjutants who are inhabitants of the concurrent world, organize the “Sengoku” personified by land, sea and sky weapons personified To fight against Jungvi.
What is the purpose of Jungvi? And what are you waiting for at the end of the battle?
Let’s run through the battlefield while fostering trust by successfully identifying each personality of Senju!

Mod Features: God Mode & Massive Damage/Weak Enemies
1. Automatic victory
Get Full Free Axis Senki (あくしず戦姫 ~戦場を駆ける乙女たち~) MOD Apk DOWNLOAD


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