Download Battle Ages MOD APK Unlimited Currencies Game

Battle Ages MOD APK is all about online city building game. Your goal is to steal the resources from the other players and upgrade your base,defense and troops and train your army to attack other players or in campaign mode.
Download Battle Ages MOD APK Unlimited Currencies Game
Each campaign level designed differently and rewards are different as well. There are builders in the game and only 2 available at the beginning so you have to upgrade wisely you can purchase more builders as well using gems. Each upgrade requires some time and a builder to work on. You can spend gems to speed up upgrade time. Game is online but currencies are not server sided. Graphics are good but not that crunchy enough to fill your graphical hunger. Game is good enough to keep you playing but after at certain level you will be tired with the build time and upgrade times of defenses and buildings. Different troops with different work can be used in battles.
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Updated: July 30, 2017 — 6:24 pm