Download Battle Girl High School Mod Apk Fully Unlocked Game

Battle Girl High School v1.1.50 Mod Apk Unlocked: It’s a game about your beautiful anime characters. You will love to play this game, this will give you a chance to become a teacher of high school girls. And, In Battle Girl High School Mod Apk, You have a chance to teach them for the battle. You will get chance to train them as you want to fight back. You will definitely love to teach the girl in this battle girl high school game.
Download Battle Girl High School Mod Apk Fully Unlocked Game

Details of Battle Girl High School Mod Apk
Battle Girl High School Mod Apk is a free downloading game, no charges will be cut even there is no any kind of registration and operations like this will be there to irritate you. You can enjoy noda communication with girls. And, You will feel like it is real and you are talking to your girlfriends only with smartphones. Battle Girl High School Apk game will give you this effect. You will get the chance to change the costumes of girls, there are lots of attractive costumes will appear one after another is pre-installed. And, You can even illustrate new costume in 2D form and that will appear in 3D. you can also able to change the appearance of the characters just as it is with the ability.
You have to teach the girls as well as you will have to grow them up with your hands only. And, You will have to train them very hard, sometime you will have to give them hot-blood training, for their better performance in battle ground. Battle Girl High School Mod Apk game has very good sound collection, when you will play you will get to know this. You will definitely like this game a lot, and get addicted so fast.

Battle Girl High School Mod Apk Features:
– Enjoy “Noda Communication” with girls!
By [Live2D], pretty girls move like anime! “Hang on” through the smartphone and win the trust of their girlfriends!
– Attractive costumes appear one after another! Dress up girls!
If you change to a new outfit, the appearance changes for both illustrations and 3D characters! At the same time you will have a new ability (skill)! Of course, you can change the appearance just as it is with the ability!
– rhythm action burns! “Battle part” of incandescence
Easily move and attack with one finger! Tap the screen rhythm well, connect the combo and let the boss be kicked off with the deadly skill! Your sense of rhythm leads the girl to victory!
– casual interaction gets spooky! “Youth school part” where youth bursts
Circumstances consultation, sometimes hot-blood training! Become a teacher of the school and grow up girls with your hands!
– “Story part” like an animation is really!
As you advance the battle, a story expands towards the secret of the invader ‘Irous’! Besides, you can catch the inner side of the girls and the warm heartedness life etc! A new chapter will be added one after another!
– Now tokimeku voice actor charm full of characters!
Appearance characters appoint a voice actor to everyone including supporting committee! Each character’s character can be felt more attractive! When playing, please turn on sound and let’s play!
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