Download Black AetherSX2 PSP Android

Download Black AetherSX2 PS2 Game ROM Optimized Highly Compressed Black Apk PS2 Emulator for Android from MediaFire. AetherSX2 is the best way to play PlayStation 2 games on your phone.

Download Black AetherSX2 PSP Android

Black is the very famous PS2 Action FPS Game from EA Games. This version of Black is optimized for PCSX2 and AetherSX2 for Best Performances. To get the best performance including 60 FPS in the game kindly use our setting screenshots and setup your game settings accordingly.

Since we now have a high end devices and almost all the devices are now supported by AETHERSX2 PS2 Emulator on Android we have decided to post some best PS2 games. So right now this post is about BLACK PS2 Game Playable with 60 FPS with my Custom Settings you can check Settings Screenshots from this post and setup your settings accordingly.

Black is a highly anticipated and everyone’s favorite action Shooter game which were released in 2006 by EA. From Graphics and Gameplay is on par with amazing game settings. Since most of you have already played it but wants to retry it again on your Android Devices then its a right time to jump back in. You will be amazed to see its gameplay with high resolution graphics and classic gameplay. It does support controllers so its best to play with it but if you do not have one then do not worry on screen controls are good as well.

How to download Black AetherSX2 for Android

AetherSX2 is currently in a public alpha phase, meaning that while it’s not available freely on the Google Play Store, it’s not hard to test it out. Simply sign up for the alpha while logged into your Google account, or navigate to the Google Play Store listing for the app and enroll in the alpha from there.

Given the alternatives for PlayStation 2 emulation in the past, AetherSX2 is a fantastic step forward. Its support from the PCSX2 developers also goes a long way, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the emulator grows and matures in the future. I’m personally excited to see how the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will fare. Be sure to give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

The Black Game has average 6 hours of full action run and gun gameplay. Surely a masterpiece of its time if you have not played it yet then its a good time to try it out. We are uploading PS2 Optimized Games so kindly check them out here and we will be uploading new PS2 games regularly. Black Play Station 2 Optimized Highly Compressed Games Download.

Get Full Free Black AetherSX2 PS2 Game ROM Optimized Highly Compressed Download


Black AetherSX2 APK (345MB): MediaFire

To run AetherSX2, you’ll need a 64-bit device and the chipset will need to have “big”/performance cores — the developer recommends at least a Snapdragon 845. You can play games either using Vulkan or OpenGL dependant on which performs best on your device, and you can hot-swap between the two while in-game. There are a lot of great features in AetherSX2, including internal resolution scaling, save states, multiple control schemes, and more. As already mentioned, it’s still in alpha, so your mileage may vary on performance. For example, only recently was Ratchet: Gladiator (known as Ratchet: Deadlocked in the U.S.) actually made playable, as it would crash after completing the first cutscene before a recent update.


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