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Collapse japan v1.6.0 Mod Apk Collapse … unknown force that has been once buried many times the civilization of mankind … now and again descended on this peaceful world.
Download Collapse Japan Mod Apk Game
B.C2000_nenkoro, suddenly collapsed civilization of mankind by natural disasters.
By then also periodic flooding, people walked repeat the history that is to build a civilization to collapse.
Battle of the “collapse” over a long time is to impoverished the earth, was mutated “collapse Beast” began to appear around the world. Surviving people, and will investigate how to avoid the destruction, it has established a “destiny organization”.
As a result, a “collapse” leading to the disappearance of the organism mutation, the presence of “stigmata” having a force opposing was confirmed.
3 years ago, it referred to as the “third-order collapse impact”, collapse in history’s largest disaster has befallen the length sky City, where in the land of the Far East that live in Kiana-Kasurana.
Although Kiana to succeed to the Kasurana house of blood there is a collapse and a deep fate escaped the infection, the damage is enormous, became to leave a large scar on people’s minds.
Lost her mother in the former battle, is Kiana that has been missing in his father, decided to stand up to “collapse”, he boarded the battleship-issue Hyperion pair collapse combat team “Valkyrie troops”.
Over over Stand up! In order to protect the beautiful world
miHoYo is give a new generation of full-scale Sumaho action game “collapse 3rd”, start-up.
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Android 5.0 or more models
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There is some paid items
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1. Weaken the enemy attack and blood
2. unlimited skills
3. automatic fighting
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