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Crash Fever Japanese v1.13.1 Mod Apk The strongest of the Warped broke game attack!
The name is broke Warped! Pop RPG “Crash Fever”
Try to enjoy the most convenient and most familiar climax Warped broke experience!

Crash Fever Roh features:
1) obtained in only tap “feel good” experience!
Easy operation of only tap in the crash Fever, can experience the “feel good” in the superlative. Panel that go one after another chain was shattered in just one tap, crash skills of de flashy production, such as fever of one-shot reversal, increases the “feel good” by the various system!
2) excited positive design of which the motif of the “virtual world”
Crash Fever, a virtual world stage. Rounded design in white background, a number of production with an emphasis on immersive and floating feeling. In so far not in the bright of the positive virtual world image, “feeling good” is ever-increasing! !
3) further feeling good four people cooperation!
If you log in with the fellow, it can be cooperative play with up to four people. Where do break the panel, when to use the Fever, you play while taking the communication, four times the fun, also comfortably four times!

1. High Attack
2. Monster Low Attack
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