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Crisis Action-eSports FPS v1.9.2 Mod Apk Data Update – – online multiplayer FPS shooter with more than 10 million users worldwide. Be yourself as a brave and experienced shooter. Play with real players all over the world on various maps. After battles you can update their equipment and weapons, and of course after that you will be able to more confident feel on the battlefield.
Crisis Action (CA) is a free mobile game eSports FPS best, offering thousands of weapons and folders. Different folders require different weapons, try to find the most appropriate way! You not only can try the latest fashion game but also a game mode from Counter Strike (CS).
Crisis Action is currently celebrating its first anniversary, a new weapon anniversary limited edition and play mode will be released soon. Weapons anniversary edition: Pt AK-47, looks like a classic weapon AK-47, has a high damage, download to get it!
To feel abundant and thrilling gameplay, joined CA! Number of folders very large and powerful weapons already waiting, wake up your clan for free and join in online and offline tournaments, win cash prizes now!
Feature Crisis Action-eSports FPS v1.9.2 Mod Apk Data Update
– Free eSports FPS Mobile Best Game
As eSports FPS best mobile game, Crisis Action has had over 20,000,000 players in Southeast Asia even reach high positions in many countries, # 1 in Malaysia , # 2 in Indonesia, and # 3 in Thailand, let’s fight in real-time!
– Exclusive Mode and 100% Map CS
Try exclusive fashion like hide and seek mode and champion cup mode, you also would like to fashion this mode! Certainly, 100% Counter Strike map will also make you feel playing the classic mode that reminds you of the old days! Hope you guys also liked the fast response of our games, the touch screen is smooth and easy to use!
– Train Skill to get strong arms
There are thousands of weapons in the CA, including the famed AK-47 weapons, Fury Dragon, Flame Dragon, P90, Death Knight, even the latest weapons anniversary edition Pt AK-47. Sharpening skillmu to get powerful weapons for free!
– Celebrating the first birthday
With the support of all players, Crisis Action has reached one year, let’s celebrate its first birthday!Many activities and bonuses can be found on the Facebook page, you want gold weapons? Get more bonuses to follow us!
– Real-time Match with 20,000,000 Shooter
Game massive multiplayer online in real-time with 20,000,000 shooter, technological advance allows you to save on mobile data on a real-time match! Create your clan for free and attack the enemy whenever and wherever! Top clan requires a strategy, and further requires courage and spirit. You will fight together!
– Create your clan Alone, Growing Strong in the tournament
Confident with the skill to shoot you? Come and create your clan now to join in the global tournament, cash prizes and an exclusive weapon has been waiting for! Crisis Action will give you a chance to practice! Enjoy the game!
Gameplay Crisis Action-eSports FPS Mod Apk Data
– Use less mobile data on a real-time match with the advance of technology.
– Multiplayer mode: Enemies can train the skills to shoot.
-Solo mode: This is the round personalmu, enjoy.
– Team mode: Friends must fight together, join us now!
– Hide & seek mode: Challenge your skill observasimu, find me?
– Champion Cup mode: No pain no gain, try your luck!
– Zero gravity mode: It takes more skill, find the highest point, be a sniper.
– Reach 5v5 multiplayer battle mode, free and fair for the fight!
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