Download Dead Age APK MOD Android Zombie Survival RPG Game

Dead Age APK MOD is a zombie survival RPG game released on PC and now finally arrived on android. survive a zombie outbreak with final fantasy like turn-based combat and permanent death manage survivors craft materials and make difficult decisions, defend your camp against hordes of the undead to prevail in. this nonlinear rogue like comparable to FTL innovative indie survival RPG. Its a premium game but you can get Free APK+DATA of Dead Age APK MOD.
Download Dead Age APK MOD Android Zombie Survival RPG Game
Dead Age APK MOD Unlimited Money Android Free Download 1.6.2
You have to find other survivors and invite them to your group and you manage everything that they do. you give them jobs to do, you level them up you give them weapons. there’s many weapons and there’s guns and you decide based on their stats what they’re going to be best at they could be healers they could be shotgunners machine gunners Pistoleros.
Dead age is one of those indie games sure on the surface that age looks like a simple zombie survival game but when you dig into this game you realize there’s so much more at stake. Dead age is a turn-based combat custom character RPG based on a skill point system but the choices you making game really seem to matter sure you have simple choices like do I search this abandoned school bus it could yield crafting supplies if you choose not to search it.
Some choices really truly test your morality. let me give you an example at one point I was playing this game and I saw a group of unsuspecting survivors just like myself and my group and I had a choice to make Marauders came up to me and said hey if you ambush these survivors and you kill at least one of them they’ll probably all just run away and drop the gear everywhere. if you do this will repay you by giving you shotgun now I had to make a choice do I kill these innocent survivors because well it’s the zombie apocalypse are there rules shouldn’t I care.
Another thing I really like about this game is how you can customize your character put a plethora of different skills. their skills for combat their skills for jobs there’s a whole job class system. I’m the kind of player that’ll play titan quest or diablo 2 and I don’t ever put the points into my character I had five or six points sitting in the bank just waiting to see what I think is good and then when I find a skill I want I just dump them all into it. Dead age is a great game and totally worth your time.

What’s In The MOD APK of Dead Age: Unlimited Medals/Food/Material/Tools
How To Install Dead Age Android Free Download:
Install DEAD AGE MOD APK or NORMAL APK then place data in Android/obb/ and play.
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