Download Revenge of Sultans Apk Android Game

Revenge of Sultans v1.4.9 Apk Android Download
Download Revenge of Sultans Apk Android Game
You can be the king who will bring peace to the Arabian Peninsula. Revenge of Sultans is a strategy
game that can be played on mobile devices with Android operating system. Compete with world-class players and
come to the top of challenging quests to become king.
In this epic battle to save an old kingdom on the Arabian Peninsula you compete with players all over the world.
Who will be the last king to bring peace and serenity to the Arab lands will be revealed at the end of the wars
to be done and king candidates will be waiting for tough tasks. By using your military resources in the best
possible way, you can take advantage of your opponents and increase your advantage. The game, which also needs
your diplomatic skills, makes you nostalgia with the old style air. You will enjoy the old-fashioned defense
and attack equipment. Discover new places in the vast Arabian desert, work together with your allies and
invite your friends to play.
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