Download Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK Game

New game from Kabam, A New Transformers game named TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight MOD APK arrived on Android.currently a game is set to be released in spring that they released a beta just exclusively available in Denmark. But you can get region free APK and Obb Data files and play this game from anywhere. Its a free online Android Fighting game just like Injustice but in Transformers style.Currently MOD APK of Transformers Forget To Fight is not available. MOD APK with GOD MODE is added.
Download Transformers Forged to Fight MOD APK Game
TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight MOD APK 5.0.0
Actually i am really excited about this game because we do not have such big games based on Transformers on Android.This game is heavily based from what I understand Marvel Contest of champions. trailer looks amazing so let’s see if it lives up throughout. you must first learn the basics of combat a light attack which can damage little but its fast. it’s a very similar tutorial , medium attack gives a little bit more damage to enemies and is little bit slow and block system to prevent enemy damages. Action fighting game by Kabam for the fans of the comics and movies series Transformers. Join the fights between confrontation between Autobots and Decepticons, collect the entire heroes and villains from the transformers MOD APK , participate in events and win new bots, discover new possibilities of characters, perform multiple take downs and special attacks. Beautiful graphics and a sharp gameplay will surely win hearts of fans.
All the Robots are a major part in this game, as it ought to. All characters from the Movie,comics and series are in this game and will include unique changing assaults proper to their alt modes. Ground based Hound shoots rockets. A character that progressions into a stream may do a strafing run. A robot that transforms into a rhinoceros may charge his adversary. Graphics looks really great specially when Bots fights. It looks so real. Each Decepticon or Autobot has their own ability and special attack which can be triggered if you have enough 3 energy powers. you can easily fill the skill power by attack the enemy. Fast paced attacks and sharp neat gameplay watching your favorite bots doing their tricks and attacking enemies is so much fun.You can play PVP 1v1 and single player campaigns with transformers story lines.
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Updated: January 13, 2018 — 10:29 pm