Download WWE Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Games Mod Apk

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter: Women Fighting Games v1.3.7 (Mod Apk) Are you tired of playing men’s wrestling tournaments and looking for some bikini girls fighting experience to enjoy? Then this “Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter: Women Fighting Games” game is specially designed for you where you have to fight with model wrestling fighters from all around the world. These Bad girl women wrestling game 2020 offline brings new spice and thrill for you as it is specially designed for amateur girls fighting games fans. So, prepare yourself and jump into the ring where the crowd is anxiously waiting for the Women World Wrestling Superstar.

Download WWE Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Games Mod Apk

Mean Girls VS Bikini Wrestlers:
The gameplay of this pro wrestling battle is very simple, smooth and easy, yet most challenging. All you have to do is to perform fierce punches, kicks, super punches, knockdowns, and all the extreme women wrestling moves to take your enemy to the ground in these games for women. Pick your favourite bad girl wrestler from heavyweight fighting champion girls and jump into the world of amateur girl’s wrestling fight in this wrestling revolution game. Show your opponents, your extreme kick fighting, punch boxing and real wrestling skills and defeat them all to become a bad girl wrestling superstar. So, what are you waiting for?

Exciting and competitive game levels and modes:
Welcome to the world of wrestling champions where you have multiple modes and levels. In this 3D girl pro wrestling games 2020, you will feel yourself to be in the wrestling ring and enjoy a reality like fighting experience. Different levels in this ultimate fighting mania 3d game will make the game more exciting to play and make your attention engaged.

Level Mode:
In this mode, you have to complete challenging levels one by one. Try to score enough points to unlock the next level. Make sure that your wrestling skills get enhanced with each passing level because the difficulty and the skills of opponents are also increased in this mean girls bikini contest. You can also unlock the next level by watching rewarding videos.

Knockout mode:
After completing 10 levels knockout mode is unlocked. In knockout mode, you have only one life to survive the ring. Try your best to defeat as many female wrestlers’ opponents as you can in a single life. But don’t forget that the level of difficulty increases with every passing level. Defeat as many opponents as you can and win amazing rewards. Winning a knockout also enhances the power of your player.

Infinite mode:
In infinite mode, you have to fight heavyweight bad girls wrestling enemies one after the other. The level of difficulty also increases with each opponent. Try your best to beat as many opponents as you can and win maximum rewards. The crowd is anxious for the Champion of mean girls fighting.

Daily challenge mode:
To enhance your gaming skills, one additional challenge is given each day. Complete those challenges to score maximum and win additional rewards each day. The daily challenge is updated after 24 hours so don’t miss a single chance. But be careful as these challenges are the most difficult ones.

Additional Rewards to treat you:
Fight with might to score maximum so you can win amazing rewards and coins. You can also earn extra coins by watching rewarding videos. This virtual currency can be used to upgrade your fighting skills, to unlock new players, and to unlock new levels and modes. Also: WR3D 2K21 APK Download for Android

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter: Women Fighting Games features:
– Choose from multiple celebrity royal bikini wrestlers
– Gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay
– Fight heavyweight bad girls’ wrestlers in this ultimate fighting game
– Multiple gameplay modes and levels for you to enjoy realistic wrestling game experience
– 3d sound effects and energetic background music to boost up your energy level
– The heavy crowd and HD backgrounds to give you a gaming experience you have never enjoyed before

WWE Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Women Fighting Games Mod Apk Download

Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter: Women Fighting Games MOD:
– All characters, levels and modes can be played, and the gold coins can’t be used up.
– Free in-app purchase


WWE 2K21 Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Mod APK (63.7MB): MediaFire

New you can play WWE 2K21 Bad Girls Wrestling Fighter Women Fighting Games Mod Apk 20 on your Android phone. Enjoy!


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