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Epic of Kings is an action game that can be played from a 3rd person perspective, inviting players to a fantastic adventure.
A mythical story awaits us at Epic of Kings, a game that you can play on your mobile devices using the Android operating system. We vote in a world called Khunirath. This world has been ruined for many years after last years wars. The soldiers in the war continued their lives as mercenaries and began to pursue adventure to not forget their war skills. That’s the kind of mercenary our hero we run in the ballot. While we try to remember our battle skills when we start the game, we face new enemies as we progress through it. At the epic of kings we see our hero in terms of external camera like a TPS game. As we progress our way, we face antagonistic enemies and
fight with these enemies in turn. It is useful to note that the battle system is a simple, confrontation with the standard enemies; But the end result is the fighting with the monster coloring the game. The Epic Kings of the Unreal Engine graphics engine is quite successful in terms of visibility. You can buy this game for a fee in the Android store. You can also download FREE from the link below.
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