Find Who Blocked Me in WhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp – Who Blocked me? is the first and only android app that reveals who blocked you on WhatsApp app.

Find Who Blocked Me in WhatsApp APK Download

Have you ever thought “hey, that girl / boy is blocking me !!!”? Now, with this simple and lightweight app for Android, you’ll be able to discover WHO IS BLOCKING you in WhatsApp.
Download WhatsApp blocker and quit wondering who blocked you…

Due to WhatsApp Messenger network irregularities, the success rate of WhatsApp Blocker is 96.52%. WhatsApp Blocker has failed? Wait a while and try again, or try to uninstall and reinstall the app in your Android device.

WhatsApp Blocker works with all Android versions and stores in SD card..
Download now WhatsApp ‘who blocked me’ for free to know who is your friend for real… Maybe there are surprises… Maybe…

***IMPORTANT NOTE: This app randomly choose a contact from the phonebook. Install the app on the device from a friend and made him / her a joke P.  >> DOWNLOAD <<


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