Play PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android APK Game Download

Here’s the Play! PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android APK latest Android emulation app download is here.

This is still under active development and isn’t yet ready for actual gameplay.
Please check the compatibility list for information about working games:
– The CMake build configuration was used to generate this build and hopefully, we’ll be able to deliver builds at a much faster pace from now on. In any case, here’s the list of new stuff in this build:
– Compatibility fixes (ie.: Beatmania IIDX, Shin Megami Tensei, Silent Hill 2, Crash Twinsanity now boot (not necessarily playable though)).
– Add screen shot feature on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
– Minor performance improvements.
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Updated: April 15, 2017 — 8:24 pm