Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK Unlimited Coins Diamonds Free Download

Pokémon Magikarp Jump MOD APK aka Splash Magikarp is now available in the play store but in select countries. game is from The Pokemon Company. A Pokemon game that actually just dropped and this game is all about Magikarp and just beware there’s a lot of fish and water puns in this game. The whole game kind of feels kind of like a tamagotchi if you’re not familiar with what a Tamagochi is it’s like a virtual pet now there’s more to it than that you have. Its a freemium game must be played online and you can not play it offline at all. Money for MOD APK Pokemon Magikarp Unlimited Money is added so you can upgrade your favorite magikarp easily.
Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK Unlimited Coins Diamonds Free Download
Pokémon Magikarp Jump MOD APK Infinite Money 1.2.2
Magikarp just float around in fish tank and its called a home menu. little berries and foods which you need to consume by tapping to them so your Magikarp which you have just freshly caught from the pond. by eating foods you will get your Magikarp to another level and increases its stats. you can bring your magikarp to championship battles and win battles. its about Magikarp Jump MOD APK is about how far your magikarp can jump. the higher your Pokemon jumps the more points you will get. and you will be victorious. each battle is connected with different leagues. there are around 8 leagues which you can complete.
All the battles will be getting tougher and tougher. you will have to upgrade your magikarp so you can beat them. there are different types of magikarp ranging from common to legendary magikarp pokemons. you can catch them from the pond. since you are using Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK you will have unlimited Diamonds to catch legendary Magikarp easily. Higher level Magikarp will grant you access to upgrade it to higher level and it gives most higher HP and JUMP points so your magikarp can jump better and better.
MOD APK Pokémon Magikarp Jump is actually a Pokémon game which is all about the uncommon Pokémon ever that is Magikarp! yes Magikarp is the most common pokemon which just got its own original game. What you will see is magikarp and magikarp from start to end. some pokemon like Pikachu will appear to give your stats some boosts but they are just visual i mean they will be just helpful in the battles and anything else. if you are a fan of Pokemon then you must try this game at once.
What’s In The MOD APK of Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD:
– Training, Food, Decorations and Items shop will increase the coins/diamonds
– Re Fishing gives you Diamonds
– Always ManaphyFoodFever available
– Always Pokemon support skill available
Get Full Free Pokemon Magikarp Jump MOD APK Unlimited Coins Diamonds DOWNLOAD


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