Project Battle APK Download PUBG like game for Android

Project Battle APK Download PUBG like game for Android – Project: Battle will bring you to a really sandbox competitive mobile game Download.

Surely everyone has heard the name NetEase with titles like Knives Out, Quantum Special Attack or FortCraft. They have received a lot of success from the PUBG-style survival games. NetEase continues to offer new products with unique features and novelty. Project: Battle is a relatively new name in the survival game development of this Chinese developer.
Although the gameplay still has the familiar features of a survival game. But the publisher still retains the identity of each of their children. Easy to get used to and can play anytime anywhere. Project: Battle is worth a pocket game for you. The survival strategy of the game will draw you non-stop throughout the experience.
Project: Battle drop you and 99 other players to an island. This place does not have any life. You will be surfing down to the ground or falling into the sea. On this island, the war of existence officially broke out. Your job is to kill the rest of the players and them too. Kill other people to find your own life. As with other survival games, the survivor will eventually be the winner. The most important thing to help you survive is skills, tactics. Do not be afraid of anything, Project: Battle forces players to change the death of others for their existence.
Project: Battle does not stop at clashes. And there you can also build your own defences. To do this, you need to collect materials such as wood and metal through the smashing of structures on the island. Building defence works is quite important in the game, giving you a higher chance of survival in this fierce battlefield.
Probably, these games are no strangers, but Project: Battle will definitely make you enjoy the weapons system is extremely diverse. They have many differences compared to the PUBG Moblie style games. Not only military weapons but also a Bazooka. The special ability of this gun is extremely destructive. Standing in Bazooka’s arms you will easily shatter the hiding place of the enemy. The amount of Bazooka is also limited, so you should consider before using it.
Project: Battle APK has no much complain about, in every aspect, from gameplay, graphics to features. NetEase has done quite well in the field of gaming in general and survival games in particular. Do not let the time pass, download Project: Battle now and experience with us!

Codes for Project: Battle
– Code for L-Coins – 43X738FFO- enter this code and get 150 000 gold coins;
– Code for E-Coins – O84K46XV4 – this code will give 10 000 silver coins.

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