Survival Craft Match 3 Mod Apk Download

Survival Craft Match 3 is a new, ultra-cute and special game simulation game [Combination of two survival games and puzzle-matching device] from Appcraft survival craft, find phone gadgets money for Android, which is the first time in Iran for the first time.

Your presence has been introduced! Surely you are familiar with survival style games, the popular games in which you have to survive! Dozens of survival games have been introduced to you, all of which have been the object of survival and survival, and have been well received, and now a gifted group has come up with an interesting initiative, they have two puzzle styles and survival Are interwoven to produce a different survival style game! In this game, like other survival style games, the goal is to survive, but instead of fighting zombies and animals and looking for food, you have to work together to put the same items to survive! On an abandoned island you have to find everything you need to survive! Put together three or more of the same items to survive! Survival Craft, if you’re an enthusiast and lovers of survival and matching games Try Match 3 and tell me what is worth the point!
You can store images from the game Lovely Craft Survival Match 3 above and in the end if you want it with a click of the high-speed serversFarsrvyd get it.

– New quests
– New locations: Gulf and Glade
– New resources: Crude fish, Clay, Raw meat, Animal skin
– New recipes for crafting
– Fixed bugs that you reported in the reviews. Thanks for your feedback, it allows us to make the game better!

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